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Wow, nice catalog! So many robots!
I’d like to have a few at home… Such as cute robots.
But not those… Too creepy

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Hahahaha :rofl:
I agree! They should stop trying to make robots look like humans most of the time they end up looking creepy. I definitely prefer animal looking ones.

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I 100% agree, robots should not look human, they should have a almost comical look to them as to not scare people. The closest I would want a robot to look like a person is like in the Movie I-Robot. There has to be a distinction between humans and robots. There are those that have this god like syndrome and want to always create something in the likeness of them almost like the movie Frankenstein.


So many robots and applications don’t require human-like robots. For some domains though, robots impersonate humans for tests or social interactions.

I suppose we create robots that look like humans because we built a world for ourselves: infrastructures, transport, etc. Robots have our shapes, movements, senses.

You’re right about that, and I see why they want to make robots look like us but I agree with Jeffro in that they should have a cartoonish look, otherwise if done wrong they just look creepy and if done right + AI they could be dangerous. I’ve seen too many robot apocalypse movies to not think that could go wrong haha :sweat_smile:

Although I do find this adorable to some degree I think it is because of its size.

LOL :rofl:

Yes, I think it’s cute just because it’s small haha

That face in a bigger body would be kind of ugly, at least is not creepy but I think it would if you take the hair off