ALF got retired

So, ALF or better the prototype board ALF got retired. And as in each case of going into retirement we just threw him a party he will never forget. 

Today ALF got the star in our photo shooting. See what hard job he had to do...and that in his age...anyway, he performed good, professional and very gentleman.

First thing was to find the black line...perfect done, ALF is lined up.

As ALF also wanted to give his friend "SwarmBot" the chance to be a star he invited him to join him for the shooting. ALF and SwarmBot chasing the line together.

SwarmBot was a bit naughty, but that's ok. He did not want to chase line anymore...see where he ended up...

SwarmBot is reaching for the stars...

ALF had it easy to follow that black line on the models shoulder. 

This shot was a bit difficult but after all ALF and SwarmBot did manage to stay atop for the final pictures,

ALF Protoboard is retired now. He will get his place in the "Hall of Fame" and can stay there until his final days.

You want to get pictures like this with YOUR robot too?  Please read our proposal.



Sorry. Where there robots in

Sorry. Where there robots in those pictures?

IG, you are disappointing me

IG, you are disappointing me :slight_smile:

As you can see, that’s just a product shooting…Robots all over the picture…why men are so easy to distract? LOL

Waaay better farewell than a

Waaay better farewell than a burning longboat.

Haha, yes it is :slight_smile:

Haha, yes it is :slight_smile:


So… how does one go about ordering the FULL kit? Are the robots included? :stuck_out_tongue:

Order a kit you do, shipped

Order a kit you do, shipped to you a kit will be.

No accessories included my young Yedi,


…I was really looking forward towards the accessories, but I guess it would escalate the shipping cost to prohibitive levels :stuck_out_tongue:

Some Robots Have All The Luck!

Never wanted to be a small robot more in all of my life…;-p

this melmac-ian spawn… (ALF’s younger brother)

…is either scouting a meal of doing a cross-species sexy photo shoot :stuck_out_tongue:




Poor ALF

Poor ALF, I am sure he wasn’t designed to handle all those curves.  Credit to the little robot for trying, how could he know the “terrain” would be so rough …LOL.

Cats Vs Robots

Cats versus Robots is the ETERNAL war …LOL.

Haha, nice photo shoot

Haha, nice photo shoot kariloy. Well done and give my respect to your “model” :slight_smile: