ALD5 Hand Won't Move

Brand new arm, but hand quit working. Everything else works fine just hand won’t at all.

Thank you!

@davlongo Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Immediately unplug the gripper or turn off the arm. When the gripper does nothing, that’s likely because it was installed the wrong way such that the servo is, for example, trying to close when the fingers are already closed, or open when the fingers are already open, which is causing the servo to heat up very quickly and potentially burn / fail.

To resolve this, remove the servo from the gripper (only need to unscrew the screw in the middle, and let it dangle. Then turn the arm on, and see that you can operate the gripper servo (that it does indeed rotate). If it doesn’t rotate at all, follow the wires and check between each extension cable that the three wires line up (yellow to yellow, red to red and black to black) all the way to the controller, and that it’s plugged in correctly to the controller.

Assuming it does rotate, check that the gripper is mechanically correct and the two “arms” (what connects the fingers to the center rotating part) wrap around the center. If they are reversed, each “elbow” won’t wrap around the center. Last, position the servo (via the interface) to midway (centered) and do the same physically with the fingers of the gripper. push the servo into place (the spline of the servo into the gripper) but don’t add the screw yet and verify that you can properly open and close the gripper using the servo via the interface. If it’s reversed, you may have reversed the mounting of the servo and should physically rotate the servo 180 degrees before connecting it again to the gripper.

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Thank you! The gripper itself is working it just won’t pivot at all. Checked all wiring and still nothing.

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If the servo worked (rotated) when it was removed from the gripper, be sure to look at the rest of the explanation above to see what might be happening.

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