Advice for volleyball serving machine

Hey. I want to project and build a voleybal serving machine, but i wonder what motors I must have, because there is no information for it, i can’t find it. What power and specification a dc motor must have, and i must 3d print a wheel for it or can someone can find link to it? Please, i want to start this project but i must find some of the parts. Thanks for every advice/comment. I want to program with raspherry pi a app to control speed of the motors.

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Hi @matkompczkach and welcome to our forum!

We have a similar topic here few years ago so you might start from it:

Feel free to ask anything else.

Two DC motors with variable speeds that can provide strong enough spin rates, unbreakable 4-6.5" diameter wheels, and almost instantaneous recovery are required to construct a volleyball serving machine. Permanent magnets with four poles, an S1–S3 service duty rating, and an IP44–IP55 ingress protection rating are what these motors need to have. Select motors with 12-250V supply voltage and power ratings between 300 and 1800W. Select between pre-made, unbreakable wheels with a diameter of 4-6.5" or 3D printed wheels. Use a motor driver board with PWM outputs and a Raspberry Pi to interface the motors.

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