Adhesive on shaft couplings

I connect a 1/4" stainless rod to another stainless rod with a shaft coupling. One end is welded, but I cannot weld the second end. The rod is ground flat, for better contact with the set screw in the coupling. The joint is subject to some stress back and forth, and ultimately becomes loose. I have tried all loctite products including the high strength 263. I don’t know if the screws are too small but these products fail. I’m packing the joint with JB Wels epoxy, which is the best thing I have found. There has to be a better way. Advice?

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Hi @richardbrunt and welcome to our forum.

Is there a reason why you cannot weld the second end? You want this to be removable or it is not approachable?

Maybe you can try using the D-shaped shaft and appropriate coupler instead of the ground flat shaft and screw on the coupler?

I cannot reach it for welding. I will try the D shaped shaft and coupler as you say.

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Great! Let us know if it works.