Adding a Raspberry Pi Camera to Elf the Robot

Robots are a lot of fun.

Robots that stream video over WiFi are even more fun!


(click on image for larger version)

Today I’ve updated my Elf Raspberry Pi based robot’s build log with instructions on:

  • adding a Raspberry Pi Camera
  • adding MJPG-Streamer so Elf streams what he sees over WiFi
  • adding a ramdisk for MJPG-Streamer so it won’t wear out the SD card

I hope you enjoy the Elf blog, and please feel free to ask any questions!

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Mjpg streaming can go up to

Mjpg streaming can go up to 60fps with raspi camera; look for “motion” and change the config file to show 60fps.

You probably want to take a
You probably want to take a look at the last example in this section of the camera’s documentation:


Thanks, I’ll check those links out.

I managed to get h.264 going, I am curently getting 24fps at 720p