Actuator stops at half course

Hi there,

I’m using a linear actuator in an escape game to make an object disappear. The players don’t have direct access to it so they can’t break it.

A few months ago, a bug appeared: the actuator stopped at half the course though nothing was blocking it. My code stopped working as I was waiting in a loop for the actuator to arrive at its destination (I’m using an actuator with a builtin position feedback.)
I thought the actuator was “tired” after one year of service, so I bought a new one and I replaced the “tired” one.
The module worked again, as expected.
A few days later, the new actuator stopped working, just like the first one: it stops at half the course, without anything blocking it.

The object moved by the actuator is very lightweight and nothing can apply force on it.

Do you have an idea of what is happening?

Thank you for your time!


Hi @fruityfred and welcome to our forum.

Which model of actuator are you using? Also, how are you driving it?