Actuating car bonnet vent

i have TVR Sagaris which has bonnet vents that were originally designed to open/close to increase air flow at low speed then closed for aerodynamics at high speed
I want to set up a linear actuator that either I can control via a 3 position switch
close - 1/2 open - fully open
or could be fully automated an ideal- and i expect way beyond my simple brain

i need a 30mm maximum stroke with 1-2Kg load

any suggestions woudl be very helpful


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Hi @RossH and welcome to our forum.

Here is one possible solution.

You could use 12V Actuonix linear actuator with potentiometer feedback. I don’t see one with 30mm stroke, but here is one with 50mm:

This one has max force lifted of 50N which is around 5kg. You can find more info in this datasheet:

This actuator can be controlled using LAC board and potentiometer kit:

This way you could control the position of the Linear Actuator using the slider.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything else.

Hi igor_X
fantastic, many thanks - will get parts ordered and then see can i work out ho to join them up and get them working before fitting to car bonnet

  • I probably will be back with a few stupid questions
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immediately back… would an actuator with inbuilt limit switches be better and use the liner poteniomter to set the intermediate stop?

ie how would i use a simple 3 position switch - to control actuator via poteniometer to fully open/part open/closed
or would a rotatay potenatiometer be better? using it as the position /opening control

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Hi @RossH ,

For the actuator with limit switches, you cannot control actively position of the actuator. You can just have starting position and ending position, simply powering it and inversing polarity. So, for actuator with limit switches, you cannot use LAC board and potentiometers.

But for linear actuator with limit switches, you can use something like this:

You can simply control actuator using remote controllers.