Abilix Krypton 8

Good morning,

I have got Controller-Brain B with CPU MTK6580. There is installed an old version of programme there. This version doesn´t communicate with application Abilix Krypton – Today´s Future.

Controller contains namely:

1/ Software Version

2/ System Version C_EN_1.0.0.5

3/ Stm Version

I would like to ask you for sending me instructions/manual for reinstallation of the controller to newer programme´s version. I need detailed instructions because I am not able to connect the controller to WiFi.

Ideal instructions or manual shall be compatible with iOS14 or macOS Big Sur.

Thanks very much for your kindness.

Have a nice day.

With best regards

Martin Kratina

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Hi @ingmartinkratina and welcome to our forum!

We are sorry to hear about the problem.

Did you buy these products from RobotShop?

Are these products from RobotShop online store or it is from somewhere else?

Thank you.

I have it from somewhere else (ebay)

Very disappointing answer because I am in the same situation as Martin.
Abilix claims to be “the leading educational robotics company” but there seems to be zero support for their products ( problem support, hardware spare parts… ) all over the world.
Anything new in this case?
I would be ready to buy a new controller if I only knew where to get it.

thank you

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Hi @MyRobCom

Thank you for contacting RobotShop.

Was your purchased made through RobotShop?

In any case, here is our contact for Abilix products:

Technical Contact Info:
Name: Yunqiang Cui Title: Senior Technical Engineer Email: [email protected] Tel: (86)21-64952827-2031

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer.
Like Martin I bought it from ebay - it was a private offer, so I cannot protest.

Ok, then I’ll try my luck with the Tech Engineer @ xpartner

thanks again for your help!

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Great! Let us know if you managed to solve the problem. Thank you.

…sorry for bothering again…
But email [email protected] is not existing. Mail came back undeliverable.

Any other ideas?

Hi @MyRobCom

Try to write to this email: [email protected]

Thank you.