A4WD1 MTS 12T Rover Dimensions and CAD file

Hi all, I’m looking for some drawings or CAD files of the A4WD1 MTS 12T Rover before I decide to buy. There is a post with overall dimensions, but I need more specific ones. Does anyone have any more detailed CAD files they can share?

Side note: For future use, can the dimensions be added to the product page?

Hi nkobayashi,

Unfortunately we cannot provide the full CAD file for this product.
What do you need exactly, as dimensions, maybe i can give those to you.

All the best,

Thanks for responding! I am looking for the chassis dimensions (including chamfers), dimensions of the lexan panels and track dimensions. I am planning on mounting a custom mechanism and need to know where I an mount onto the aluminum chassis.

Front view without the Tracks:

Side view:

Front & Back plates:

Top & Bottom plates: