A Servo Query

Hi LMR's,

I recently bought 6 servos from here: http://robokits.co.in/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_5&products_id=187 .

It says to be Exact replacement for Futaba S3003 and Hitec HS-311.

In most of the website and the official arduino page I read that u simply can run one from an arduino,but in my case it didn't :-(

I tingered around with the circuit and supplying +5V from a seperate battery with its gnd connected to arduino it worked.

So I was wondering

1) Do we need to supply seperate +5V to servo's for it to work ?

2)Did it work in your case by simply hooking the 3 wires DIRECTLY with arduino?

3) What in case I need to power multiple servos(in addition to the arduino)Won't that be a lot of batteries?

Also I was wondering if an arduino provides more sinking current at its pins compared to lets say a bootloaded clone?



I am surprised that you need to supply a separate 5v supply

to run your servo. Your arduino should be able to supply the needed current for a single servo. If for some reason you need more current, you should be able to splice into the battery positive before you feed it to the arduino and as you did, share the grounds.

Arduino Servo Problems

I am not sure I agree with Arduino running servos directly, check out these two links for lots of detail on trouble shooting Arduino and Servos -



Duane B