9v battery in a picaxe


i plan to install a micro spy-cam inside my quadropod(SC-QR-1)

ive allready got the cam and it uses a 9volt battery to power it!

a problem is that the 4 AA batteries inside takes all the extra space inside, but if i took another 9volt battery with some kind of converter that makes 9 into 6 volt to power my robot!

the question now is:

what should i use?

please tell me what, where to buy, and the price of it! =D

EDIT: do you think something from these sites might be usefull?:





(^ personaly i like that last one, but im not sure about it ^)

EDIT: or if you know any (!!!small!!!) battery pack that will do those 6v


6V regulator


I think a standard 7806 regulator will do the job. It can deliver around 1A at 6V and if you need more than that you should take a look at the 78S06 regulator. If I recall correctly it can deliver 2A at 6V. You can buy these in any electronics store and they are probably around 1USD a piece.

but hey! i DO have some
but hey! i DO have some rechargeable 9 volt batteries