5G - Are we really okay with it?

The imaginary science community that scares Europeans about global destruction seems to be syncing with the more relative science community. Both warn us about the dangers.
What Global say - Unsure.
What US Say - The antenna/signal is farther and adequately apart.
What Global science says

So what does the robotics community expect from 5G?
I’m not a huge fan of 4G or the internet so I’m not looking forward to it.
*Also I read our recent news on 5G posts so you can quote those


Time flies so fast, and I think 5G is not the last thing we will have. Anyway, I think it has its own pros and cons like everything else and it all depends on which side you look at it. I’m sure there were skeptical people around the time the first plane was created who thought it could kill all of us, but we got used to it.


There is a definite point at which radiation will kill us.
We are already much different genetically than people 1k years ago.
Anything today would be enough to plague those people - unlivable.

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