4wd deck alternative

Hi all

I have built and testing my Lynxmotion A4WD1 MTS chassis and am now planning on mounting the sensors I want to use. My plan is to use the chassis for different experiments and rather than keep chopping and changing the sensors onto the supplied deck, I thought I’d build a deck for each use case. The Lynxmotion decks are pretty expensive and the default cutouts don’t make any sense to me. Instead I have bought some very cheap 3mm thick Perspex sheet off eBay, cut them to size and cut now make holes and slots only where I want them. Works well.


If a custom-made deck is an option, that tends to be preferable to most customers. Since every project is unique, creating mounting patterns for a wide variety of additions is not too easy. For anyone else wondering, the Lynxmotion decks are made of polycarbonate and include the standoffs and hardware:

This has a cutout for the Lynxmotion Base Rotate Kit (ideal for adding an AL5D arm to the base)

This has cutouts for mounting a servo at the front, and one on either side.

General purpose “blank” deck.