444AVXB Impressions

Chris was nice enough to send me a little project of his called the 444AVXB. Why the weird name? Well, because it does EVERYTHING.

4: amps of motor driver power (2 per channel)
4: Analog Channels
4: Digital PWM Channels (Servos)
A: Audio
V: Video
X: Xbee Support
B: Bluetooth Support

This board, simply put, is phenomenal. It has everything you need for a robot, or really for most projects. I've been at a standstill past few days, because frankly I don't know how to beat this board. It has everything, I really can't design anything "new" for propeller. Chris really outdid himself here.

The L298 is a great motor driver, featuring 2 amps per channel so it can power small and medium sized robots just fine. Also unique is the separate power supply for the servos, either drive them off the built in 5V regulator or supply your own power supply to the servos via servo connector. 4 Analog channels interfaced via SPI and communicating to the Propeller. This board also has a 2 pin header for audio out, and a RCA jack for Video out. Also, there are headers for either a xbee or bluetooth module, not both at the same time however. What else would I want out of this board? Nothing, it already has everything! It's really perfect, and it sits right on top of the Gadget gangster propeller board, so it can also accept other shields.

It's going to be pretty hard to out-do Chris this time. Bravo!

BEFORE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FORMAT: My work blocks the in form editing tools, so it just blocks all the text together. I will fix this when I get home.

OK, then. I’ll complain

OK, then. I’ll complain about something else.

You should post this as a review. Put ‘LMR Reviews’ in the tags.

I didn’t want it to be an
I didn’t want it to be an “official” product yet unless chris was okay with it, thats why its my impression on the board and not a full review :slight_smile:

Hey thanks, Krum

We are getting wicked close, guys. This weekend, I will be putting the finishing touches on the website, instruction manuals and walk-throughs. I would think by Monday 9.26.11, everything will be up and running, the store will be open and I will do a Grand Opening post. At that point, you can review to your heart’s content, and when you link to something, it will actually be there to link to!

i love it!

i love it! make me wish i got the gg prop board in stead of the prop proto board