4 DOF Robot Matlab simscape

I have a DOF4 robot project that I designed, similar to the robot in this image: [link]. However, I have made some modifications to it. In comparison to the robot shown in the image, it has structural differences.
Furthermore, I intend to create a control system for this robot in MATLAB and implement image processing for it, specifically for calibration and improving accuracy.
Can you assist me in designing the controller for it (even for a fee)?
Thank you.

@hossein_12 Not aware of many users here (if any) which do contract work. If it’s a simple arm like that, why design a new controller? A normal RC servo controller should work.
Ex: https://www.robotshop.com/products/lynxmotion-ssc-32u-usb-servo-controller

If you want something which is also programmable but with easy connections to servos:

Simple vision processing:

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