4 Channel Relay Module connected to Masso G3 Controller

I has a Masso G3 controller. I want to use the Robotshop 4 channel relay module. Masso says their TTL outputs are rated at 5 mA. The relay module seems to need 15-20 mA, yet it’s optically isolated, so I would expect much less current per input. Your price point is 1/4 that of Masso’s relay module, hence the desire to use it. But I can’t afford to blow up the Masso ! Thanks for any guidance. Ron

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Hi @DJRon and welcome to our forum!

As far as I know, these relay modules are generally designed to be easily connected to Arduino boards. Ardiono board output can withstand 40mA, or 20mA continuously, and because of that, these relay modules usually need 15-20 mA.

If Masso outputs are rated at 5mA then I wouldn’t use these. I would search for a different solution.

I think Masso relay module is the safest choice.

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I agree. Thanks for replying. Off to the shop !!!

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Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: