3D Printed Logobot?

I haven't jumped onto the 3D printing bandwagon yet, but I know a lot of you have. 

I was thinking, wouldn't it be super cool to have a 3D printable version of our beloved Logobot?



It would be a fun project, and a great little printed object to test your printers, give as gifts, or make up for events like Maker Faire.

I'm watching through some 3D modeling tutorials, but it may be a while until I can pull this off. Maybe one of you are up for the challenge. I hear you are all very talented. ; j

I would suggest that the model include the Let's Make Robots name in addition to the Logobot.


Some creative adaptation might be needed in order to include some of the interesting brain texture and not just have the outer surface of the bowl. There are a couple of existing brain objects on thingiverse.com, and that might be a place to start.

Let me know if you would love your very own 3D printed LMR mascot! If enough people want them, perhaps one or more LMRians will give the model a try.

I'd make this an official challenge, but I'm not prepared to say I could do it myself... yet. Still, I'm sort of throwing down the gauntlet to see if someone will pick it up.


For fun

First quick shot at your request. :)

Link to the OpenSCAD code http://pastebin.com/zj2qgdLW


At first I thought, ugg --overhangs… After a bit more looking, Its really not that bad… Its a total of 4 pieces,

  • Base and dome, printed as they sit now (printed as one part)
  • Sonar, printed on its back, sonar “cans” pointing up
  • Tracks, printed on their side, hubs pointing up (each printed individually) 

As far as I see, there would be not problem printing it in this configuration. If you wanted to get fancy, you could break things up even more for different colors.

Very much,

Would like one very much. 

And i made a 3D-model of one in google sketchup and if you wand to print it in pieces you can pull al the parts apart and  print them separately.

You can download it from the 3D-warehouse:


Always thinking of

Always thinking of resourcing first…

Looks like most items would be pretty common items but the awesome bubbleglobething…https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/taxonomy/term/14065 I’m going to pillage all local craft stores…

This could end up being the best Start Here robot ever. Even an Indiegogo campaign for LMR v4!

Cool! I’ve downloaded the

Cool! I’ve downloaded the model and will check it out.

Well, I certainly didn’t

Well, I certainly didn’t intend this post as a reboot of JAX’s Logobot Challenge. Though happy accidents are cool.

HI ignoblegnome I’d love

HI ignoblegnome I’d love one

Reboot away!

Happy accident indeed, I would love to see printed Logobots come to fruition!