3D Printed Binary Clock

Hi, this is a binary clock that I made for fun out of a Teensy 2.0, some 3mm leds, and RTC, and a 3D printed shell. It displays the current time(in 24-hour format) in binary on the front face of the cube. It has an RTC with a backup battery inside so that it will keep the time even when unplugged. The outer shell of the clock was 3D printed at U of D Mercy when I was attending an Engineering summer camp there. We were allowed to design anything we wanted that fit in a 2" cube and have that part printed on their machine. I wanted to make something that I could use in an electronics or robotics project, so I decided to design the shell of a 3D clock. It is hollowed out on the inside with 5mm thick walls and 3mmx4mm counterbores on the inside of the front face so that the 3mm LEDs could shine through the plastic.



The clock is powered through a mini usb cable since there was no room inside for a battery.


I chose to use the Teensy 2.0 as the brain of the clock because it has 25 I/O and is very small. I did not have enough room for any extra chips, so I needed a board that could individually address each LED. The Teensy reads the time off of a DS1307 RTC. The clock also has an LDR inside so that it can dim the LEDs when it is in a dark room. That way they arent too bright at night. When closing up the clock, I stuff some cotton in all of the open spaces so that the parts inside can not move and become damaged.



That is really, really neat!

That is really, really neat.  Strangely coincidental, I’m due a free 3-D print from Instructables and was thinking about something with LEDs glowing through just this morning but didn’t consider a binary clock.  Any chance you could post the .STL file for download?

Thank You

Thank you. Unfortunately, I actually dont have the .stl file right now. It was saved on the servers at the summer camp and I am currently trying to get it from them. I will post the .stl file as soon as I get it. Also, when you say that you are due a 3-D print from instructables how did you get that?

Many Thanks.

Great if you can get the file, but no sweat if you can’t.

Getting the free 3-D print was totally accidental!  I was one of the first 10 people entering the Electronics Tips & Tricks Contest in a certain week and had my Instructable featured.  I didn’t know about it before the e-mail arrived.  The original post was on the ‘community’ boards.

(Rats! - Done it again.  That was meant to be a reply.)