3D printed A-pod [Ongoing project]

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a project regarding a 3D printer, an A-pod robot and some awesome stuff found here on this forum.
Here I will try to share my experience with my hexapods and try to combine a tutorial on how to print an A-pod from a 3D printer and make it walking!

Let’s jump into it:

*] 1) Hardware
*]3D printed parts
] Right Coax x3 (.STEP, .SLDPRT, .STL)/:m]
] Left Coax x3 (.STEP, .SLDPRT, .STL)/:m]
] Femur x 12 (.STEP, .SLDPRT, .STL)/:m]
] Tibia x6 (.STEP, .SLDPRT, .STL)/:m]

]Left Leg (.STEP, .SLDASM, .PNG)/:m]
]Right Leg (.STEP, .SLDASM, .PNG)/:m]
/ Other parts incomming… //*:m]

]Bot Board II/:m]
] Servos: cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie … 1237073948/:m]/:m][/list:u]
] 2) Software
Uses Lynxmotion software: lynxmotion.com/images/files/apodps2.zip/


I will be updating this post quite often but I will only post a new message when it’s needed (a new version is available or important matter). Obviously I’ll respond to any question, or maybe I’ll be asking you guys if I find an issue. Anyway, please try to keep this thread clear and related to the original subject.

The first message in this thread was:

*Hi everyone,

First of all, many thanks to Lynxmotion team, I have learned so many things just reading this forum… huge help from you that is very much appreciated (special thanks to Kurte).

Here is brief description of my project so you can see what I’m trying to archive:

  • I’ve got a SCC32 board + Bot Board II (with BAP28) + PS2 Controler
  • I’ve got a 3D printer
  • I’ve got 25 servos.
    = I am building an A-Pod (ant)

The code itself is not a problem (yet) because I’ve already spent several hours building a small version of a phoenix using an Arduino Mega and 9g servos. That works greate.

For my A-Pod project: Before printing the parts, I want to make sure that all the parts can be assembled toghether without issue, therefore I have designed them using Solidworks.

Then I realised that some parts are already provided here (that’s awesome!): lynxmotion.com/s-5-ses-3d-models.aspx

Unfortunetely I couln’t find the files for the entier robot (A-pod), so before I carry on with my Solidworks files I wanted to know if someone already did them? Otherwize I’ll be more than happy to finish them and provide them to the community, but that is time consuming and I think it’s a shame if someone already did them.

Thanks in advance.

LeftLeg.zip (1.62 MB)
Right Leg.zip (1.57 MB)
Tibia.zip (573 KB)
femur.zip (740 KB)
CoaxGauche.zip (526 KB)
CoaxDroit.zip (630 KB)

We’re certainly happy to have you here and look forward to seeing your projects progress.
Unfortunately the A-Pod design is not open source, though you should be able to get a very good idea of the design by looking through the assembly guide:
lynxmotion.com/driver.aspx?T … sem04#apod
Note that it still uses SES brackets which you will need to redesign anyway in order to make the 3D printable.
Feel free to incorporate your own aesthetics into the design to make your own unique A-Pod.

Hi CBenson, thanks for your reply.
I understand that it’s not an open source project, but so awesome! Is it ok to share my solidworks files? (let me know by PM if needed).
What are SES brackets?

The files are still not finished but I’ve already printed a leg, the body and some parts of the head.

Attached a few pictures for you (blue parts are only prototypes)

PS: I renamed this thread from “Solidworks Custom A-pod” to “3D printed A-pod [Ongoing project]”, feel free to move it in the right section if it’s not the case.

It is basically your design, so you are certainly free to share the CAD files.
Looking forward to seeing it walk!

Many thanks, I will surely show you a video of it walking :slight_smile:
In between, I’ll keep posting pictures :slight_smile:

Up (Left and Right legs).

Looks great, can not wait to see your video.

For inspiration you might want to look at the original Apod by Kåre (Zenta). He has a few great videos of it including:

As well as a thread showing lots of stuff: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4642

Hi all,

Thanks for your support, the parts are 90% printed and I’m just waiting for a few more servos to come before I can make a video (they come from Hong Kong…).

I’ve got a question for Zenta if he comes to this thread: what Force sensor do you use for the mandibles? If I use another force sensor, what do I need to change in the Code or Electronic (may be the resistor in which case how to calculate it) ?

Many thanks in advance.

PS: @Kurte: thanks mate, since day one I’m trying to “copy” it (with a few changes)

Looking forward to see it… :wink:

Here is what it look like at the moment in solidworks:

Very nice, will you encase the LED like on the drawings ?

I did, I’ve made a quick video so you can see the leds :stuck_out_tongue:
give it some time to be uploaded on youtube

I’m redoing the mandibles.

I can’t wait to receive my servos to fit the legs and top body together!

He is in pain… give him legs… :wink:
Very cool

Yes I know, that video is not for children… they will do nightmares with this.

Anyway, I was thinking about a place for my remote and thought hmm… on the robot! So I changed the top body part to receive the PS2 remote controller, that gives it some shoulders!

Great project! Looking good, I like your custom stand. Very useful.

Btw, I didn’t use any leg sensors. The tripod gait work fine outdoor…

Hi Zenta,

I’m glad you like it.
Thanks for this video, I didn’t see it before and it’s always a pleasure to see it.

I didn’t include any leg sensors neither. However I’ve noticed that the tutorial of the A-pod uses a force sensor for the mandibles:

Have you got any datasheet for this sensor or shall I use any other sensor like this?
I don’t know what to choose between:

] 0.45 kg : gotronic.fr/art-capteurs-de- … -12138.htm/:m]
] 11 kg : gotronic.fr/art-capteurs-de- … -12139.htm/:m]
] 45 kg : gotronic.fr/art-capteurs-de- … -12140.htm/:m]

Can you give me a clue?

It is probably the one Lynxmotion still sells: lynxmotion.com/p-627-force-s … istor.aspx
There is a manual about the family of them up on the product page.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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