20Amp Motor Driver/Controller

I am looking for a 20 amp motor controller/driver. I prefer an IC, that way I can integrate my own driver circuitry, but if it is cheap (under 50) post it. I’d prefer if it could provide 20 amps per channel. It will be operating on 12VDC.

I have been up to 45 amps per 2 channels

**this one **

Thats perfect! You even gave

Thats perfect! You even gave me the pcb layout! Thx!

Couple questions about the

Couple questions about the stuff:
How did it cost 50 bucks? Did you make 2 of them?
Also, I cannot access the pcb layout, can you resend me the gerber file or a 100% scale pic (jpg) via email?

Thanks so much this is exactly what ive been looking for.

Bump, would like to know ^

Bump, would like to know ^ before i order.

Sorry, I meant CtC.
Sorry, I meant CtC.

yep, i think his works better anyway :stuck_out_tongue: