2 wheel self-balancing robot


I would like to built a 2 wheel self-balancing robot which will be getting information about his angle from sensor (accelerometer). I want to ask you, if it will be good to use just T'REX robot/motor controller or I have to buy something like this  with extra motor controller.
Thank you very much for your answer! :)

Balancing Sensors

The T’Rex does not have the necessary onboard sensors for self-balancing. The link you provided also shows which IMU they used. The L298 motor controller is not necessary if you have a T’Rex. Note that if you have a separate microcontroller, you only really need the L298.

one more question

Hi, thanks for answering! Hm I dont really understand, you wrote that I dont need L298 because I have T’Rex and then you wrote that I need it. I think you thought, I need GY-80 BMP085 9-Axis Magnetic Acceleration Gyroscope Module, Or? :slight_smile:


I Have separate microcontroller - arduino nano, uno, mega and raspberry pi. I can use any of them.

I just need to know if I need another motor controller despite of having T’Rex and one acceleration gyroscope module?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The T’Rex controller has

The T’Rex controller has it’s own microcontroller onboard. What Cbenson meant is that you would only need the L298 if you have a seperate microcontroller which is the case. So you would only need the L298 and the acceleration and gyroscope module.

But if you have a T’Rex controller already, you would only need the acceleration and gyroscope module.

Hope that clears your confusion.

I am also trying self

I am also trying self balancing robot since many days, but not able to get it work. I also tried Trex :frowning:

I have gone through almost all the tutorials on the internet, my contraint is that I only want to use DC motors and arduino as I am a beginner and dont want to make things complex. I am Arduino nano and MPU6050. I followed many projects, this is the one https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/arduino-based-self-balancing-robot which is working for me to some extent but my robot fall off after 5-10 seconds. He also used L298 so as @Cbenson said L298 is not necessary so should I remove it?? Is L298 creaing the problem??