2 or 3 joint legs

Looking at making a quadruped or hexapod and not sure about the best config for the legs. I've made a quadruped before with 3 servers per leg didn't seem to gain much from the extra flexability.

So wanting to see what others think and see where it goes

I would go with two per leg

See the late great Lumi’s Chopstick Jr.


re: Jointed Legs

I think it depends on the configuration.

If you are doing a quad but laying it out like a cat, dog, or other 4 legged mammal, then the conventional wisdom is you need 3DOF for each leg in order to balance, like Google’s Big Dog.  My personal favorite here on LMR is:


If you are doing more of a bug / spider layout, then that is different and 2DOF can work fine I suppose, depending on what you are trying to do with it.  There are many examples on LMR.  I haven’t personally built either configuration, so don’t take anything I have to say too seriously.  My only legged bot was a biped.