$1200 Wire Follow Tow Bot Chalenge!

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Hi, My name is Chris and I am an entrepreneur of sorts with an Idea (or series of ides) that require some basic robotic functions. I was am slowly learning Ardruino C and playing around with a Starter kit but think this may be a Much more efficient way of getting my Idea to market. Forgive my vagueness but I think this Idea application has the potential to make a good bit of money and I don’t want to get beat with my own Idea. This is 100% real not a scam I have real American Dollars to pay the winning contestant.

What I need is a semi-autonomous machine capable of the following tasks.

-following a wire (electrified or magnetic) buried under up to 4 inches of sand or dirt capable of following the wire through a series of U turns without getting confused

-drag a 35lb plate (like the type used for weight lifting) with at least 2 points to of contact to the machine, at a speed of at least 4.5 MPH (faster is better though).

-Must be functional in a moderate moisture high dirt environment (imagine its task is to be performed in a sandy parking lot 6 hours after an half inch of rain)

-must be capable of running 10 cycles of a 200yd wire follow while dragging weight (1 cycle every hour on the hour for 10 hours) without needing a battery recharge

-total weight must not exceed 60 lbs (not including drag weight)

-Must be able to fit in a wood box 36”x36”x24” (smaller is better)

-software must be open source

Send Pictures of bot and a video link or video file of the bot performing drag of 35lb weigt along wire set up in pattern as diagram shows to my email. I would not suggest uploading pictures or vids to the challenge lest you give away any secrets ;).

 I will pay shipping cost of the top 5 picture/video entries to my home and put the machines through trials and publish the trial vids to this challenge page. I will judge the winner based on how well and efficiently it meets the previous criteria. It is encouraged (but not required) that designer show up to the trials to discuss/handel any issues or repairs your bot may need. Tie breakers will be Size/weight (smaller is better), Top Speed (faster is better), User friendliness, durability production cost & Battery life

Winner will be anounced by June 1st.


Winning individual or team must give me the working unit waive any intellectual property or copyright claims and turn over all plans, wiring diagrams and source codes and in return will receive $1200 check, 5% equity in my company and 2% royalty on every unit sold at wholesale (estimate about $5 per unit). Im trying to raise more money for the winner so as the entry deadline gets closer prize money may well increase as well as posible prizes for 2nd or 3rd place.

I reserve the right to not declare a winner if no entry meets the listed requirements but I really don't want to I really want to have a working unit by the deadline and a product to market by the end of the year.  

Like I said I’m an

Like I said I’m an entrepreneur The ensuing company is dependent on a product I have thought of but not yet developed. So im here trying to find essentally an inventor I can sell.


Details about the wire please?

Dear: Serveandvolley

Just to let you know I am thinking about doing this competition only if you can give details about the wire. I am thinking of making my robot recharge when it is following the wire and use the wire to power the robot. Can you give details about wattage, amps, and volts please on the wire? Thank you.

From: Noah

Thank you Im glad to see

Thank you Im glad to see that at least a few people are seeing and thinging about this challenge. I have no requirments in the wire other than it must be maluable able to be burued and insulated. Im envisioning copper wire with a low voltage (9v or less) DC current to trigger electro magnet sensors however if you or anyone has a better way to do it or a way to charge the battiries while running Im all ears. Keeping in mind that the bot cannot have any physical contact with the wire it must be able to sense the wire up to 4 inches below the surface.


Okay well thank you anyways.

Dear: Serveandvolley

Just to let you know I think I will do another challenge. No offence this sounds too sketchy but thank you anyways. Good luck!!!

From: Noah