1200 rpm motor for POV display project


I’m new to electronics and I’m looking for a 1200 rpm (spinning continuously) DC motor for a POV display project.

I need advices, which one can I buy ? I don’t know how to calculate the torque and load on the shaft I need.

The motor will be used to spin a PCB (led strips + chips).

I’m going to make something like this :

Thank you !

Hey @vphongph

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Have you checked the motor sizing tool?

Hey @AudioVOX ,

I tried the sizing tool but I don’t think it fits my need, I’m not making a robot, just a POV display, like in the preceding link I posted.

And something I can’t set is the “Desired acceleration”.

My motor will just drive a PCB of 64g to 1200 rpm.

The data I entered :
total mass : 64g
nb of drive motor : 1
Radius wheel : 0.25 m
Velocity : 31m/s (correspondind to radius x rpm, 40 π * 0.25)
Max incline : 0
Supply : 12 v
Desired acceleration : I don’t know


I estimated that you would need a ~1.5kg-cm motor for the torque.
I have found this motor which could fit your needs:

Could you go with a faster motor?
If so, this would should fit to your needs:


Ok @AudioVOX thank you very much !
I think I will go on the Banebots (gearmotor is too loud for me) !

@vphongph - I am working on the same POV project and have run into motor problems, Did the Banebots 555 work good fro you and did you use 1.5v as the tutorial indicated.