10’’ UGV wheel motor and driver


I am looking to build a large off road UGV. Are there any parts for a UGV system with 10’’ or larger wheels?

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Hello @yantypas!

Which type of wheels do you plan to use? Standard wheels with rubber tires, tracked wheels or maybe mecanum wheels?

For tracked wheels, this could be a good option: https://www.robotshop.com/products/large-tracked-tank-wheels-set-2pcs

If you want a 10’’ mecanum wheels, RobotShop have these: https://www.robotshop.com/products/254mm-steel-mecanum-wheel-set-2x-left-2x-right

Also, I’ve found these big 10’’ wheels with pneumatics: Robot Drive Wheel - 10 inch Pneumatic

I hope this helps.

Hi @igor_X thank you for you reply,

I am thinking to use 10’’ + pneumatic wheels. What motor do you recommend for that in order to carry around 100kgr?

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Hi @yantypas.

That is a good question.

There is this platform sold on RobotShop that can carry 100 kilograms: https://ca.robotshop.com/products/ubiquiti-robotics-magni-highly-capable-robot-platform

According to one topic found on manufacturer’s forum (Motor Specs ~ Voltage/Current - #3 by FolsomMike - Ubiquity Robotics Discourse) they used 24VDC 200W BLDC hub motors, customized with 5:1 gear ration so maybe that can be some kind of guide for you when choosing the motors.