1.27mm Headers in Eagle

Hi, I'm trying to make a breakout for a Wandboard. And I need to find an Eagle library that has 1.27mm pitch male headers. These are half the pitch of your typical 0.1" headers. 

Does anyone know of a good library that has these headers?


If you are going to use Eagle as your preferred layout software,

might I suggest that pin headers are probably the easiest type of footprint you could be required to make? I am sure there are a number of footprint tutorials for Eagle around the web. 1.27mm should be .050 inch. Either of those two measurements should be easy to mimic in the editor. You could do worse than to make the header staggered https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/114 .

If your concerned about

If your concerned about making your own part there are some 1.25mm footprints under con-molex library in eagle. I imagine if you used the next drill sizeup that a 1.27mm part would fit them. I thought I’d seen some 1.27mm in my installation but I can’t seem to find them right now.