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Although nowadays I mostly use Arduino based controllers, I'm still a big fan of Picaxe 08 chips when it comes to simple projects. But I have never seen a really good project board for the chip (IMHO). Well, there are lots of good stuff out there like Picaxe CHI040 Board, or simple protoboards. Still I always dreamt of a board which would be simple to interface sensors and output devices to and at the same time versatile somewhat like protoboard, as well as including power switch and LED "ON" indicator. Time passed by, and now, I've decided to try myself at designing boards and build that dream 08 board of mine. Let's see what I eneded up with :)


Board is designed for Picaxe 08 series chips, measures 63x58mm and features "Power ON" LED, power switch and programming socket. All placed specifically on board to allow easy integration into "lunchbox" style enclosures, hence the name :)


Each pin is broken out into following semi-perfboard interfacing area:









Attached is archive with Fritzing file, manual, and few more bits :)


UPDATE 16-Dec-2013


Next iteration of Lunchbox project board is ready :)


-Size shrunk down to 5x5cm

-Fixed download socket flaw

-Redesigned interfacing pads


Here it is:


And Compared to v0.50:



New interfacing pad design:


Example of interfacing input device (Momentary switch):

Interfacing circuit from Picaxe manual:


Interfacing on Lunchbox board:



Example of interfacing output device (Motor via BCX38C):

Interfacing circuit from Picaxe manual:


Interfacing on Lunchbox board:



Interfacing of few more input/output devices found in manual.


I have already used on for Christmas tree star.


Attached is V0.90 package with Fritzing file and manual.


Thanks! :)



08 rocks!
08 rocks!

Looks great

If you could squeeze the size down to 50x50mm you can get 10 each of this 2-layer board for $9.90 over at;

I use them all the time and are very happy with their service.

Re: shrink.

You might be able to get a fair bit of shrink by adding a ground plane. It would save having to rout all of the ground connections together.

Thanks, this might be a good

Thanks, this might be a good idea, I will see what I can do in the next development iteration.

Wow! That is nice! :slight_smile: I

Wow! That is nice! :slight_smile: I guess I could shrink it down a bit, but not sure if I could make it all the way down to 50x50

Ahey! :smiley:

Ahey! :smiley: