Top 10 YouTube Channels for Learning Robotics, Electronics and Programming

Posted on 03/04/2019 by pjutras in Reviews

YouTube is revolutionizing the way we consume audiovisual material! It's like the new television of the 21st century, a new educational destination online. Believe it or not, you can learn almost anything you want on YouTube. It can be a big time waster but don’t get me wrong, it can be a powerful tool, especially when it comes to learning robotics, electronics or even programming!

Featured List

I created a nice list which may interest anyone looking for contents related to engineering, basics of electronics, robots, programming languages and so on. There is no clear order, but most channels were suggested by community members or were found thanks to the 1 billion minutes I spent on watching videos and learning all by myself.

1. Look Mum no Computer

This channel is run by a guy from England called Sam Battle. He started in April 2016. Sam is a musician and a creative person; he builds tons of musical gadgets out of anything he can find. Example: the 100 Oscillators Synth, the Furby Organ and the famous Synth Bike. Even if his videos are more like a big exhibition of art installations and projects, you will find tons of interesting information. You can surely be inspired!

2. GreatScott

More of a ''How To'' channel, GreatScott will show you all kinds of projects, from controlling a Led Matrix to creating a DIY Laptop PowerBank. Steps and details are well explained; you don't need to be too experienced or knowledgeable. Most of the time, you will only need to buy specific parts or to have a 3D printer on hand; then, simply listen to GreatScott. This channel is really educative for general electronics.

3. ElectroBoom

Mehdi Sadaghdar is a Canadian-Iranian electrical engineer who started his YouTube channel in 2007. Most of us know him as a goof clown who experiments electronics in the clumsiest way, but Mehdi is actually a clever guy. Sometimes he will challenge others' concepts or other YouTubers, especially on topics like 'free energy’ or on electronics theories. His channel is surely entertaining, but also full of relevant information!


The man behind EEVBLOG is called David L. Jones. He is an Australian electronic design engineer and video blogger. It first started with a video per week, just for fun; no editing and no script. Today, he’s running a channel with over 600,000 subscribers and over 1,000 videos. This guy is a gold mine of knowledge and he probably owns one of the biggest channel about electronics. 

5. James Bruton

James Bruton is a former toy designer and he is currently running a huge YouTube channel under the same name. You will find high-quality contents in the domains of general robotics, electricity and mechanical engineering. James is a fan of DIY and innovation by trial and error. You will enjoy watching him build amazing projects like his openDog Robot. He shares his knowledge, tips, design and maker advices: how to solve problems with 3D printing, how to create an Iron Man cosplay, and more.

6. How to Mechatronics

A safe place to learn all kinds of stuff. This channel simply contains everything. From Arduino Projects and tutorials to DIY projects, there is even a section on ''how it works''. You will also find all the Arduino Source Codes, circuit schematics and downloadable files on the How to Mechatronics website.  The videos are well made and the explanations are clear, again another great channel to watch and follow.

7. Afrotechmods

Straight to the point electronics tutorial videos with practical examples taught by a professional electronics engineer.  You can certainly learn from his 13 years of experience! His videos focus more on the practical portion of the circuit rather than spending time on the theory. Still, this is a great place to learn the basics of electronic and more advanced stuff.

8.DIY Builder

Surajit Majumdar has started this channel in 2017; it just reached nearly 16,000 subscribers in 2019. DIY builder is still a small channel for now, with few videos, but the contents are totally worth taking a look! This is really all about Do-It-Yourself; anyone can build the projects presented there. The information you will find is more focused on the ''How to'' and this is the main strength of the channel.

9.DroneBot Workshop

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Electronics, Robotics, Internet of Things and stuff. This is only a portion of the subjects you will find on this great channel. The Workshop was created in 2015 by a friendly man who decided to share his knowledge and experience of electronics and building.

10.Paul McWorther

Paul McWorther is part of His channel consists of a series of tutorials on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This is a good place to learn programming and coding language.

An Endless Source of Information

This is it for the main channels I wanted to share, but I'm sure there are many more! Do you have a list for yourself? Feel free to share your electronic/robotic/educative related channels in the comments! Tell us why it is a good channel for robotics enthusiasts and community members! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts on the subject and/or to share your projects, WIP and videos. Show me what you got!

RobotShop's YouTube Channel

As you may know, RobotShop also owns a channel, known as the RobotShopTV. The channel features a lot of content, mostly troubleshooting videos, unboxing videos and more. We plan on creating a lot of content in the coming year so, stay tuned or follow us!

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