A Review of Getting Started in Electronics

Posted on 29/05/2013 by wcox in Reviews

This is a  review of getting started in electronics.


After hearing lots of talk about Forrest Mims Getting Started In Electronics, even from electronics/robotics veterans, I decided to pick up a copy. Since this book is published by Radio Shack, you can probably pick up a copy at a local store. Unfortunately, many stores have stopped carrying it. I must admit, that it was a $5.00 dollars well spent. Mims has written an excellent book that lives up to its title. If your "getting started," or just want a reference book, I highly recommend this. Now, it certainly doesn't have the depth of The Art Of Electronics, but its 127 pages are packed with great information and circuits. The books covers - Electricity, DC, AC, Wire cable, switches relays, meter, microphones & speakers, resistors, capicitors, R/C applications, coils, transformers, silicon, diodes, transistors, (Bipolar, FET, unijunction), the thyristor, SCRs, TRIACS, optical components, lenses, LEDs photoresistors, photodiodes, phototransistors, phototransistors, solar cells, gates, logic gates, sequential logic, combinational logic, IC families, linear circuits , Op-Amps, timers, regulators, plus 100 circuits. Quite a list for such an inexpensive book. For some his handwritten and hand-drawn text and illustrations would be aggravating, but it does make it easy to read. Beginners will like his illustration of circuit components instated of using the symbols, while oldies may find that a bit strange. Aside from that fact, I think the only other point that I didn't like, was his emphasis on electron flow verses electricity flow. Meaning, he depicted his circuits with electron flow, which is opposite from the electricity, or "hole" flow. This can be confusing sometimes.

To sum up, this is book is one you need in your collection. Tons of great info and circuits make this book a steal for $5.00!

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