Win a Hatchimal Facebook Contest Winners are Announced

Posted on 30/11/2016 by jgendron in Domestic, Toys
Thank you to everyone that participated in our Black Friday contest to win a Hatchimal. We know how much these creatures are wanted for Christmas and we were happy to give 10 away that we had reserved for Black Friday.
Congratulations to the 10 winners: 1. Troy Kimball 2. Melissa Jacobs 3. Whitney Edwards 4. Anna Marcella Griffin 5. Charlotte Lewis 6. Sylvia Hock 7. Eldalótë Eledhwen 8. Mary Willey 9. Karine Maheux 10. Lucinda Hodge We received many positive comments from these winners and we are happy to have a part in some smiles for the holidays:
Thank you so much you just made my 5 year old very happy for Christmas! I will definitely tell people about robotshop! Thank you all so much, I didn't think there was any way to get a hatchimal before the year ended. Happy holidays to you all! will send pictures of my daughter opening her present 🙂 Thank you! Happy holidays! I will let everyone know about Robotshop! Immense chance and enjoyment of which I have to be among the happy winners miles thank you. Awesome thank you! Will have happy children for the holidays! Thank you soooo much! So You guys rock!! My 4 year old daughter is goin to be thrilled!! Thank you so much 🙂 Awesome!! Ty all so much our daughter is going to have a hay day with it! We have searched everywhere for one and had no luck. Thanks so much for the contest, my Niece is going to love the Hatchimal so much, best surprise ever. Amazing, this means so much, also I will promote your page, and hope to place an order soon.
Others that missed out, we do wish you find a Hatchimal before Christmas. If not, we do have Hatchimals Alternatives that we are certain your young ones would enjoy. Happy holidays!
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