Update: Project Lead The Way & RobotShop Accelerator Program

Posted on 26/02/2016 by cbenson in RobotShop, Lynxmotion
UPDATE: Congratulations to Brady Flannery and Chris Hurd for being featured on Time Warner Cable (TWC) News: http://www.twcnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2016/02/25/cazenovia-hs-student-develops-robotics-invention.html Brady Flannery TWC News "Necessity is the mother of invention" and one of the best ways to come up with a commercial product is to think about modifications you may have had to do to make an existing product suit your needs, or have had to do to make products work together. Brady Flannery, a student at Cazenovia High school, saw that although Project Lead The Way (PLTW) used both Lynxmotion and VEX products, there were no adapters which allowed the two to be easily connected to one another. Working with his teacher Chris Hurd, he came up with several prototypes, and the final product seemed to fit the need perfectly: an adapter plate which allowed you mount a Lynxmotion robotic arm to a VEX metal plate. Given the number of schools which are part of Project Lead The Way and use these two systems, it would make sense that other schools could benefit from this creation. Rather than going through the arduous tasks of creating a company, manufacturing the product, kitting , shipping and handling finances, he submitted the idea to the RobotShop Accelerator Program. The project was accepted and he is currently one of the youngest inventors whose product was commercialized via the RobotShop Accelerator Program. We look forward to seeing what other products he and other students in Project Lead The Way come up with and encourage them to consider commercialization via the RobotShop Accelerator Program.  
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