Unboxing - Micsig Tablet Oscilloscope

Featured image - Tablet oscilloscopeMicsig 200 MHz 1 GS/s Tablet Oscilloscopes
Once upon a time, a portable oscilloscope meant a device that required two field technicians to carry around because of its weight and size. Joking aside, these times are fortunately far behind us now, but a real portable solution (of high quality and functionality) is still not easily affordable for most hobbyist. Today, we present to you a device which will change all of that: the Micsig Tablet Oscilloscope.
R_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0001 - BoxOutside box
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0002 - Box in a box!Box in a box!
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0003 - 2 boxes & blue foamNice foam packaging
Safely put away between the foam panels you will find the tablet oscilloscope and a quick-start guide.
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0004 - Tablet oscilloscope, accessories & quickstart guideTablet oscilloscope, accessories & quick-start guide
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0005 - Tablet oscilloscopeClose-up on the shrink wrapped tablet
Aren't you curious about the other two boxes? In there, you will find the various accessories required to use your tablet oscilloscope.
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0006 - Accessories 1Probes, power adapter & cable and manual/spec sheet
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0007 - Accessories 2Test board and cables
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0008 - Accessories 3The probes freed from their bags with replacement parts
Now for more shots of the tablet oscilloscope itself!
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0011 - Tablet oscilloscope - FrontClose-up of the front
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0009 - Tablet oscilloscope - BackClose-up of the back
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0014 - Tablet oscilloscope - BottomClose-up of the bottom
As you can see, the stand is well integrated into the case and the bottom has a large rubber piece to prevent slippage. It does the job very well and seems quite sturdy.
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0010 - Tablet oscilloscope - Channel inputsClose-up of the left side (inputs)
These are pictures of the 4 port version (RB-Sig-04), but we also offer the 2 port version (RB-Sig-02).
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0012 - Tablet oscilloscope - Ports (closed)Close-up of the right side (ports, covered)
_RB-Sig-04 - Photo 0013 - Tablet oscilloscope - Ports (open)Super close-up of the right side (ports, open)
We recommend that you go check out our various products from this manufacturer here. We currently have a few products available (see below) and more will be coming soon! If you are curious about the specs of the tablet oscilloscope, you can find more quickly in this specification sheet.
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