TRENDING NOW: Boston Dynamics' Dancing Robots Video

Have you seen Boston Dynamics' latest video yet? Well, this time, two Atlas robots, a Spot robot dog, and Handle dance all together in this new viral video, which closes the books on 2020, showing us all the advanced movements it can now perform.

Do You Love Boston Dynamics?

This time, the company presents a choreography of its robots dancing on the song ''Do You Love Me?''! The video was released on December 29th 2020; it was the most trending news of the end of last December. Now at the beginning of 2021, the video has already reached around 25 million views on YouTube (and it keeps going up!).

All Eyes on Boston Dynamics

It seems like we've been talking about them more than ever. They brought to market their famous Spot robot dog in September 2019, which you can buy for approximately 75 000$. Since then, we saw many Spot robots working in various jobs: warning people in parks, inspecting a nuclear plant, mapping construction sites, even helping treat patients, etc.

At the end of 2020, there were rumors about Boston Dynamics being purchased by Hyundai. The transaction came through and Boston Dynamics has now officially been acquired by Hyundai. 

Making It Viral

Boston Dynamics has been renowned for posting viral videos and also for its popular advanced robots. Earlier in March 2020, we've seen this warehouse integration of Handle and Otto Motors. In 2019, Atlas was showing its skills in gymnastics and parkour!

Remember in 2018 the Dancing Spot on Uptown funk (which also got viral)? As you can see, it isn't the first time we watched one of their robot performing dance moves, but it is the first time we see the whole team of robots reunited for that purpose! 

What Will Boston Dynamics Show Us In Their Next Video?

Even if we have been following them for the past years, we cannot stop being surprised and intrigue. This fun video reminds us that robots are more advanced than we may think. And yet, after a year where robots were under the spotlight due to the world pandemic, let's wait to see what new milestones 2021 will bring. What will they show us next? 

Picture Credit: Boston Dynamics YouTube Channel
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