Tissue dispensing robot

Posted on 18/02/2010 by vabry in Domestic
Tissue Interobots In Japan, "Street Marketing" is now handled by robots. A prototype is shown below distributing tissues to passers-by. It can very well replace the tissues with advertising cards for a company that wants visibility at a fair, for example. Interobots Inc developed the Mospeng-kun, a 1.20 m tall (4 feet) servant robot that weighs 80kg (176 lbs). This nice model welcomes visitors, is always smiling, and never tires. Moreover, it is able to autonomously detect the presence of humans and reach out to them! It can be rented for 5 days for 1,100 dollars or purchased for 28,000 U.S dollars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv4uC7XtEEQ via plasticpals
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