Top 10 Robots We Are Most Excited for This Year

2020 will be the year of the robot. Businesses have used robotic workers for a while, but we're starting to see more bots in our homes. Friendly, helpful robots will steal the spotlight, with many companies releasing them this year. Here's a list of our top ten robots we're excited for in 2020.

1. Toyota Tokyo 2020 Robots

The Tokyo Olympics will show off six new robots from Toyota this summer. While the world watches players take the field, these bots will help audiences and athletes alike. From delivering snacks to clearing fields to high-fiving fans, these machines will show how friendly and useful robots can be. Some of these bots will even help remote audiences.

The T-HR3 and T-TR1 can stream video and sound from the games in real-time. With their help, fans unable to attend the Olympics can feel like they're present.


Some of the robots coming out this year only serve to make you feel good. Such is the case with LOVOT, a robot companion from Groove X meant to be your friend. The small, soft robot can dance, coo and react to your mood. For now, LOVOT is only available in Japan.

But it brings us one step closer to the future of living side-by-side with robots. LOVOT is a technological milestone. It shows us that robots are not just good at working, but can help us feel comforted.

3. Robots in Healthcare

From surgery to recovery, robots can revolutionize the field of medicine. Medical robots are already seeing work in hospitals today, and it's not hard to see why. Machines like the da Vinci Surgical System can operate with a level of precision impossible for human hands. Robots can also help patients after their operations. The PARO Therapeutic Robot is cuddly like LOVOT and can help reduce patient stress. Robots like these don't just make some jobs more manageable. They help save lives.

4. Retail Bots

Retail is another industry seeing an increase in automation. Robots are helping to improve all aspects of retail, from logistics to service. As AI improves, it won't be long before we see robots assisting customers, not just cleaning floors. Retail bots are not just a prediction.

Companies like Walmart and Kroger are already deploying robots in their stores and warehouses. These bots will make the shipping process more efficient, meaning you'll get your orders quickly and without hassle. In stores, they can make sure everything's where it should be, so you can always find what you're looking for.

5. Roybi

The AI-powered tutoring bot Roybi will help young kids learn valuable skills. Roybi adapts its teaching style to each child so they can get the most out of their education. The smart toy offers more than 500 lessons in language and STEM. Children all have unique learning styles, and Roybi can pick up on these.

With machine learning, Roybi's lessons will become more effective as it keeps interacting with kids. By helping children learn foundational skills early, it helps ensure their success later in life. Robots like Roybi could transform education as we know it.

6. Artie 3000

Roybi isn't the only educational robot available this year. Artie 3000 teaches kids to code with art. Using a companion app, kids can program Artie to draw different shapes on a piece of paper. These drawings give children concrete results of their success in coding.

By using art, Artie can get kids interested in coding, a worthwhile life skill. If robots are the future, this robot is preparing the next generation for it. Starting with Artie 3000, kids can go on to program the robots of tomorrow.

7. Tombot Puppies

Tombot is giving people the affection of a pet with none of the mess. His mother's struggle with Alzheimer's disease inspired the founder of Tombot to create this robotic pet. The puppies look and act like emotional support dogs, but have a lower risk of harming patients.

Like the PARO Therapeutic Robot, Tombot puppies reduce stress and anxiety in patients. But unlike PARO, the puppies are hyper-real, meant to simulate an actual dog. Though the target audience is dementia patients, the puppies can help people with developmental or anxiety disorders as well.

8. Samsung Ballie

Samsung is making AI assistants mobile. Unlike the Amazon Echo and Google Home, the Samsung Ballie roams around your house, keeping everything in check. Ballie also has a camera, allowing it to send you pictures and videos while you're away.

Ballie manages all of your smart appliances to make the most of your smart home. It can turn your lights off, open curtains and even check up on your pets. Think of it as a tiny robot housekeeper. It's unclear when Ballie will be available for purchase, but we expect more updates in 2020.

9. Farming Robots

Everyone needs farm products, and robots are helping to produce them. Farms can be challenging to manage, but robots are assisting farmers in operating more efficiently. There is a shortage of human labor in agriculture, and robots can fill those gaps. Drones can monitor fields from above and spray pesticides and nutrients as needed. Driverless tractors can harvest crops while farmers attend to other matters. Although farming may seem like an old-fashioned industry, modern farms are at the cutting edge of technology.

10. UBTECH Walker

UBTECH unveiled this robot last year, but the newest iteration of the Walker comes with improved balance and function. Walker is a humanoid service robot. It can move carts, write, draw and even pour drinks. These abilities allow Walker to assist people around the house in a variety of tasks. Though the new Walker isn't on the market yet, it brings us one step closer to having robot butlers. The prospect of service robots is promising, especially for the elderly, who may have difficulty taking care of their homes.

Robot assistants were once a thing of sci-fi, but have now become a reality. With many new robotics developments happing this year, there’s a lot to be excited for! What design are you most eager to see in action? Let us know in the comments below!

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