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Posted on 01/06/2012 by robotshopmascot in RobotShop
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At RobotShop, we strive to put robotics at your service by providing you - yes you -  our beloved customer, the best service we can. For this reason, we are happy to receive your comments, suggestions and feedback about your experience. Take a look at just some of the comments that came in this week:
Very friendly service, timely and polite responses, and helpful considering that I'm not in the country and have difficulty following through. Great service! - SK
One of the very few NICE places to do business with. I was amazed at how important these people made me feel as a customer. I am very glad that there is a company like this one. Robot Shop is a place where the customer is important. I wish I had the name of the person (s) who handled my order as I feel that I owe all of them a very big and humble: "Thank you for the prompt and large refund, I hadn't expected 'Free' shipping at all. Thank you for your warm and thoughtful handling of a cranky old man and his mistakes. I really appreciate you and the way RobotShop handled both my order and my bad manners as well. I am amazed at the quality of the part and most very happy to have made this particular purchase especially from Robot Shop, You have some great people working for you. 4D Systems makes a highly recommended, high quality part in the 3.2" SGC display and I am impressed, thoroughly, both with the part and the service I received. -RJ
Quick, friendly, perfect. I was surprised because a lot of shops/manufacturera dont have that kind of support. Thanks alot. Wish that the new robot will work well! -MR
Delivered very quickly once the Neato xv-21 became available and received constant updates on the status of my order, which was most appreciated. -JMD ... and many more!
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