South Korea Deploys Sentry Guns to the DMZ

Posted on 14/07/2013 by carlos-31 in Military

A month ago, South Korea deployed its first armed robots to its demilitarized zone. The robots can detect moving targets but do not open fire automatically. Which is rather relieving since they are equipped with 40mm grenade launchers and high-speed machine guns.  

Korean Sentry GunsKorean Sentry Guns

The robots are intended for surveillance and protection of the DMZ and they will be remotely operated by human soldiers who will use the robots' sophisticated cameras and sensors in order to asses the threats the robots are facing. This could protect the soldiers and enable them to guard vast s amounts of terrain without being exposed to the dangers or war. Below, a video from an earlier version of the sentry robot (in Korean).

It is good to see that technology that we take for granted in video games is finally coming into real life. Although it is coming in a deadly not very funny way.

Autonomous Turret from PortalAutonomous Turret from Portal

Via BotJunkie.

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