New Radar Hibernate Mode Enables Battery Backed Operation

A new Hibernate mode is available for the OPS243 radar sensor from OmniPreSense that makes battery powered remote sensing applications possible.  Typical power consumption by radar sensors are in the range of 1.5 to 4W range.  Given the purpose of a radar is to constantly detect objects in their field of view, a line powered solution is almost always required. 

The new Hibernate mode brings the average power consumption below 200mW, an 87% reduction in power consumption.  This allows new battery backed IoT or remote sensing applications.  For example, a sensor next to a remote rural road could detect the infrequent car that approaches and light up a sign.  A sensor placed in front of a facility can detect an approaching person late at night providing perimeter security.  Add wireless communication and you have a traffic monitor or early warning system.  Or just use the extra power savings to extend the operating life of your robot or drone.

The Hibernate mode works by duty cycling the sensor between very low hibernate power consumption and active pulsing/detecting.  When an object appears in the sensors field of view, it will automatically wake up and stay away tracking the object until it leaves the field of view.  Using a relatively small and inexpensive 50mAHr battery provides close to 2 months of operation.  Add solar power charging and you can place your sensor almost anywhere.

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