Smart Feeder Available at RobotShop

Posted on 06/06/2017 by jmichaud in Domestic, Pet Care
We are gladly introducing the Petnet SmartFeeder to RobotShop. This intelligent robot pet feeder was developed to be controlled via your Smartphone and to facilitate your favorite pet's lifestyle and yours. The Petnet iO Smart Feeder designed for domestic use will make sure your pet is always fed when you're away.
The Petnet SmartfeederThe Petnet SmartFeeder
If you are planning to leave for a long period of time, the SmartFeeder will allow you to stay connected and take control of the feeding times for your pet. To help you raise a healthy pet, the SmartFeeder gives you comprehensive insights for your pet. Feeding Insights are part of the many incredible features that SmartFeeder customers will have access to through their free Petnet(io) Account.
Dog eating from the SmartFeederDog eating from the SmartFeeder
  The setup and installation of the SmartFeeder takes just a few minutes. In only 8 easy steps, you're intelligent robot will be in action.To configure your SmartFeeder, you'll need to download the free Petnet iO Application on your SmartPhone, trough the AppStore or Google Play and follow the directions on the Petnet App.
SmartFeeder and SmartPhoneSmartFeeder and SmartPhone
There are many good reasons to be use the SmartFeeder. It can be to guide you to healthy portions of food for your pet, to have the freedom to feed from anywhere, to track your feeding history or to stay connected to your home. Try the SmartFeeder today and discover and experience the future of pet feeding.
Cat - SmartFeederCat - SmartFeeder
Above all, you want to be at peace knowing that you’re giving your favorite pet the best possible care to keep him healthy. The SmartFeeder allows you to do exactly that.
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