Servo Motors Family, From Tiny to Giant

Posted on 25/08/2010 by carlos-31 in RobotShop
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At RobotShop, we carry a wide variety of servo motors but it only becomes apparent once all the major kinds are put side by side.
Family of Servo MotorsFamily of Servo Motors
From left to right, the picture above shows the Dagu Micro, the HS-85MG (Mighty Micro), the HS-422 (one of the most popular servos), the HS-785HB Winch, the Servocity Heavy Duty Pan System, and the ridiculously powerful Torxis i00600. Servos are evolving, especially lately when they started being used in robotic projects that go far beyond the more traditional R/C. A notable absent in this picture is the diminutive HS-35D Nano which is smaller than even the smallest one in the picture.
Hitec HS-35D Micro Servo MotorHitec HS-35D Micro Servo Motor
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