Roomba 500 Gets Brutally Tested by RobotShop's Technical Team

Posted on 12/10/2011 by carlos-31 in Domestic, Reviews, Industry
Tags: iRobot, Roomba

The RobotShop Ultimate Challenge is moving along quickly now; the Roomba 500 series has completed all the tests and its final score is now available. If you recall, the robot vacuums are being scored by 15 different performance tests: how well they pick up debris, how fast they clean, how loud they are, etc. With the Roomba 500 series' results now in, you're going to have some cold hard facts to back up your purchase decision.

Testing Roomba 500 Series

Check out the video below explaining the results and demonstrating the tests. Watch until the end to see some rather brutal (and  funny) tests that  seem to have been rejected.
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