Roméo: Aldebaran Develops Full Scale Humanoid Robot

Posted on 15/12/2013 by carlos-31 in Humanoids, Prototypes
Aldebaran RoméoAldebaran Roméo

Aldebaran, the manufacturers of the very popular Nao humanoid robot, just unveiled their new full-scale humanoid platform: the Roméo. This new 1.4 m tall, 40 kg  robot is still in the drawing board but a first prototype is planned to be completed by March 2011. It features several interesting innovations such as a four-vertebra backbone, articulated feet, a soft torso, a composite leg exoskeleton, and a back-drivable actuators (which makes it safe to operate around humans, similar to PR2).

Aldebaran Roméo HandAldebaran Roméo Hand

It will have 37 degrees of freedom, including 2 DOF for each eye, 1 DOF for each foot, and 3 DOF for the backbone.

Aldebaran Roméo TorsoAldebaran Roméo Torso

This personal robot is intended to assist the elder and disabled individuals with everyday chores much like the ideal robot butler depicted in science fiction movies.  Aldebaran also intends to make the communication with the robot effortless and natural trough speech and gestures.

Aldebaran Romeo Around the HouseAldebaran Romeo Around the House

The price tag on this beauty is expected to be about 250,000 euros.

Aldebaran Roméo Head PrototypeAldebaran Roméo Head Prototype

Via IEEE Spectrum.

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