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iRobot's newest offering, the 700 series, has been put through the Ultimate Challenge, and we now have the results for the Roomba 780. Being one of the newer robot vacuum cleaners to become available in North America (and now abroad too), these results are quite relevant and useful for consumers. Some wonder "did it beat the Neato Xv-11?" Another question that comes up: how has the Roomba 780 been improved over the Roomba 560? Whether you prefer XV-11 or Roomba, hopefully you will find these results useful in answering these and other questions. So just how did iRobot's flagship robot vacuum do? Check it out below:

Final score:

Roomba 780 ScorecardRoomba 780 Scorecard

With a total score of 450, the Roomba 780 surpassed the Roomba 560's score of 435, as would be expected. Improvements to many features (like battery life and scheduling) helped the 780 stay ahead. Therefore our current standings are: Champion Chart While the Roomba 780 outperformed the 560 and its improvements are obvious, the Neato-XV-11 was able to hold off the 780 and maintain its position on top of the leaderboard. This is owing to Neato's improved navigation and smarts. That being said, the Roomba 780 is still a great robot that cleans well. As always, you can see the scoring criteria here, and get the written results too. To close out this round of the Ultimate Challenge, the Infinuvo QQ-2 Plus will be tested next. Check back here in two weeks for the results.

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