RobotShop Names Julie Gendron Vice President - Consumer Robots Division

Posted on 24/11/2014 by cameleon in RobotShop

It is with joy that we announce the nomination of Julie Gendron as Vice President - Consumer Robots Division.

Julie has a background in instrumentation and robotics and has had a considerable experience in research and development at L-3 Communications MAS before joining RobotShop January 30, 2007 as a technician for the repair of domestic robots. She became one of the first specialists in domestic robot technology learning by herself and following several courses from our manufacturers  in the USA and Europe. Thereafter, Julie was promoted to supervisor and was in charge of everything related to domestic robots; repairs, customer support, monitoring statistics of the repair department, technology watch for new products and the development of a diagnostic software for diagnosing problems.

She became known and appreciated by the community through her informative videos on Robotshop TV. In 2012, she was placed in charge of the department responsible of production of robotic kits following the acquisition and integration of the American leader Lynxmotion, a pioneer in developing educational robots since 1995.

Julie GendronJulie Gendron Vice President - Consumer Robots Division

Julie has always been involved in the selection of products sold at RobotShop, she herself made several product selections and negotiations. She has participated in the internal strategic decisions for several years and is one of the fervent defendants of RobotShop’s corporate culture.

We are confident that in her new role, Julie will help us grow our supply of consumer robotic products which is already numbered at more than 7000. In addition to her many responsibilities at the head of the Consumer Robots Division, will be added customer experience as a whole. The quality of service is of paramount importance for RobotShop and our primary competitive advantage is our brand and our mission, which is putting robotics at your service. We want to ensure to continue to listen to our customers and Julie has demonstrated in the past 8 years that we can trust her. She knows all the ins and outs of the company, she breathes and sweats our values, she is able to put herself in the customers shoes and is respected by all here at RobotShop.

Congratulations Julie!

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