RobotShop's 20th Anniversary Rebranding: Embracing Infinite Possibilities in Robotics

Posted on 20/06/2023 by cameleon in Blog, RobotShop, Industry

Dear valued members of the RobotShop community,

As we eagerly anticipate our 20th anniversary at RobotShop, we find ourselves at a profound juncture—a moment of retrospection and envisioning for the future. We are set to take a transformative leap forward, all while honoring our deeply rooted history.

Two decades ago, we embarked on a visionary journey to proliferate robotics worldwide, passionately believing in the infinite potential of this technology to enhance our lives. We launched RobotShop—a beacon in the then nascent market, against the backdrop of the internet bubble crash, where robotics parts and specialized supports were as rare as complete domestic robots. Yet, we persisted, fuelled by our vision of a marketplace where everything about robotics could be found.

As years passed, we have witnessed innumerable changes and advancements in the robotics world, and like a true companion, we have grown, learned, and evolved along with it. Reflecting on our achievements, I understand that our journey so far has prepared us for the exponential growth that the world of robotics is primed for in the decades to come. We have painstakingly learned to serve our customers in multiple languages and cultures, and to build a robust global platform. Recognizing the breathtaking pace at which robotics technology was permeating all societal spheres, we pioneered the RobotShop Marketplace—a dedicated platform for the world of robotics and emerging technologies.

As we commemorate this milestone and look to the future, we have decided to refresh our logo and slogan. Our new slogan—"Everything Robotics, Infinite Possibilities"—is a true reflection of our mission and values. 'Everything Robotics' reiterates our commitment to provide a diverse array of robotics products and services, while 'Infinite Possibilities' reinforces our optimistic and ambitious vision for the future, encapsulating the limitless potential of robotics to inspire innovation, solve complex problems, and create novel opportunities for humanity.

Our new logo, envisioned with the same ideals, is now revealed to you.

From humble beginnings—when RobotShop was run out of a small apartment and packages were personally carried to the post office — to our current standing as the global leading online source for everything robotics, our journey has been nothing short of incredible.

Today, as we unfurl our new identity, we do so with fervor and excitement for the abundance of opportunities that await us.

As we venture into this new chapter, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you — our employees, for your immense dedication and loyalty; our manufacturing partners, for the successful collaboration; and you, our loyal customers, for entrusting us.

Together, we are fostering a world full of robots that positively impacts our lives.


Mario Tremblay

CEO, RobotShop




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