RobotShop And PulsedLight Announce Distribution Network Expansion, the world’s leading robot store for all your robotic needs, announced today that it has partnered with PulsedLight in order to become a master distributor of the popular LIDAR-Lite optical distance measurement sensor and future technology developed by PulsedLight, a manufacturer of fast, accurate and powerful optical distance measurement solutions.
LIDAR-Lite Optical Distance SensorLIDAR-Lite Optical Distance Sensor
As of July 1, 2015 all PulsedLight’s smaller distribution partners will process their orders through RobotShop. This enables PulsedLight to centralize logistics and optimize service to its distributors.  With warehouses in Canada, USA and Europe, and soon in other parts of the world, RobotShop will provide PulsedLight’s distribution partners with ready access to PulsedLight’s products and unparalleled logistics support. Distribution partners will profit from RobotShop’s dealer program by obtaining optimized pricing directly in their online account, free shipping in North America, France and the UK as well as easy exchanges and returns. “We feel this change will benefit our smaller distribution partners who will now be able to take advantage of lower minimum order requirements as well as reduced shipping costs.” Indicates Dennis Corey, President at PulsedLight, Inc. RobotShop has been selling the popular Lidar-Lite sensor since it first went into production in 2014.  It has proven to be a popular product and has been successfully used in many applications worldwide. Lidar-Lite is a powerful, highly configurable, cost effective laser based optical measurement solution supporting a wide variety of applications (e.g. drones, general robotics, industrial sensing and more).  Its innovative signal processing technology enables distance, proximity and velocity measurement to cooperative and non cooperative targets at distances from zero to more than 40 meters.  PulsedLight has created a technology that, unlike competitive solutions, is revolutionary not evolutionary. It combines the attributes of high performance, low hardware complexity, smallest possible size and lowest cost available in a single beam ranging sensor in its class.
“RobotShop is proud to be able to provide an easy access to PulsedLight’s products to distributors worldwide” Says Julie Gendron, VP Consumer Robots Division at RobotShop. “We have believed in the potential of this product for our customers since the beginning and are excited to further expand the availability of this product through our network of resellers.” PulsedLight is also launching a new version of their standard LIDAR-Lite product, which includes improvements in its signal processing reducing measurement times to allow measurement speeds of up to 500Hz. Other improvements include updates to the I2C communications and LIDAR-Lite now has user assignable I2C addressing for applications using multiple sensors.  These performance improvements and new features make LIDAR-Lite even more powerful while continuing to keep prices low for consumers and provide new opportunities for our distribution partners. For more information about PulsedLight and RobotShop, see the official press release.
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