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Robotics is more than a passing trend. Just as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (founders of Apple Computers) were part of the "Homebrew Computer Club" before personal computers were widespread, robotics enthusiasts are coming together to form robotics clubs around the world. The ideas, prototypes and inventions enthusiasts share at robotics clubs will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the future of robotics.

Robotics groups allow users who share robotics as a common interest to gather and share ideas and information. Although most groups and clubs start in a predetermined city, many have found that being available online either via a web page or a group site can attract skilled members willing to share their information and ideas. Setting up a group or club can be as formal or as informal as the members want. Members often range in age from pre-teens who are just beginning to experts who are employed in robotics-related positions. Although this page is intended to provide a quick list of robotics clubs, users are free to add new clubs and edit/add information where appropriate. If you know of additional clubs which should be added to this list, feel free to mention them in the comments section.  



Art & Robotics Group

(Toronto) Inactive but mailing list is still active (150+ members) Contact: [email protected]  


Active Contact:  


Advanced Robotics Innovations Society in Engineering Active (University of Ottawa) Contact: [email protected]  

Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts

Active Contact: [email protected]  


Active Contact: [email protected]  


(Toronto) Active (151+ members) Contact: membership required  

Vancouver Robotics Club

Active as of 2008 Contact: [email protected]  

Vancouver Island Robots

Inactive Contact: [email protected]  

Western Canada Robotics Society (Alberta)

Active Contact: [email protected]  



Atlanta Hobby Robot Club

Active Contact:  

Boise Robotics Group

Active Contact:  

Buffalo Hobby Robot Club

Active Contact: [email protected]  

California Polytechnic Robotics Club

Active Contact: [email protected]  

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Club

Active Contact: [email protected]  

Central Illinois Robotics Club

Active Contact: Bruce Stott [email protected]  

Central Jersey Robotics Group

Unknown Contact: [email protected]  

Connecticut Robotics Society

Active Contact: [email protected]  

Twin Cities Robotics Group

Active (~75 members) Contact:  


Unknown Contact: [email protected]  


Computers, Robotics and Artists Society Active Contact: [email protected]  

Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Active Contact: [email protected]  

Denver Area Robotics Club

Unknown Contact: [email protected]  

East Texas Robot Builders

Inactive (Arrick Robotics) Contact: Roger Arrick [email protected]  

Front Range Robotics (FRR)

Active Contact: See website  

Homebrew Robotics Club

Active Contact: [email protected]  


Las Vegas Robotics Club Active Contact: [email protected]  

North Seattle Robotics Group

Active Contact: [email protected]  


hoenix Area Robotics eXperimenters Unknown Contact: [email protected]  

Portland Area Robotics Society

Active Contact: [email protected]  

Robomo: St. Louis Area Robotics Group

Active Contact: [email protected]  

Robotics Society of Southern California

Active Contact: [email protected]  

San Francisco Robotics Society fo America

Active Contact: [email protected]  

Seattle Robotics Society

Active Contact: [email protected]  

SHARC (Smoky Hill Area Robotics Club)

Active Contact: See website  


Society for Houston Area Robotic Projects Active Contact: [email protected]  

South Jersey Robotics Group

Unknown Contact: [email protected]  

The Robot Group

Active Contact: [email protected]  

Triangle Amateur Robotics

Active Contact: N/A  




Systemes Informatiques Embarques (France) Active Contact: [email protected]  


New Zealand's Personal Robotics Club Unknown Contact: N/A  

Robotics Tasmania

(Australia) Active Contact: [email protected]  

Robotics Group of Bogazici University

AILAB (Middle East) Active Contact: [email protected]  


Active Contact: N/A

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