Robot Lawn Mowers: More Than Your Usual Mower

Posted on 22/02/2012 by cbenson in Industry

Robot Lawn Mowers: More Than Your Usual Mower

Are you looking for the best and most innovative lawn mower? Are you tired of using the ancient type of lawn mower that provides less performance than what you have expected while polluting the air around you? At RobotShop, you can almost find every kind of robot that you are looking for, including a variety of intelligent and automatic robotic lawn mowers.

With good reason, one of the more popular types of domestic robots is the robot lawn mower. Robot lawn mowers have been designed to take the place of traditional manual lawn mowers, and in certain instances, even larger ride-on mowers! These robot lawn mowers offer more than what the traditional lawn mowers can, aside from cutting the lawn; most can be scheduled to mow and operate completely independently of the user; they start at a day/time of your choosing, mow the lawn, then come back and recharge automatically! You can simply leave the robot lawn mower in your garden, set the schedule, and it will automatically cut the lawn for you. You can achieve that well-maintained, uniform lawn in no time. LawnBott robots are smaller than most other typical robotic lawn mowers and manual lawn mowers and operate efficiently as they roam around your lawn cutting the grass. All of the robot lawn mowers currently offered on the RobotShop website use DC matteries (no gasoline involved). All LawnBott mowers can operate without any human intervention. Wouldn't you prefer to be relaxing in a lawn chair on a freshly mowed lawn rather than sweating over a normal push mower while breathing in gasoline fumes and having your shoes slowly turn green? The most innovative feature of this type of robot lawn mower is its enhanced self programming system that can distinguish between short and tall grass and determine on its own the way it will start mowing and how long it will take to finish the task. The LawnBott LB series robot lawn mowers are perfect for tackling the bigger areas. In fact, it can cover up to 38,000 square feet! All Lawnbotts include a variety of sensors that can easily detect any obstacles along its way, or stop the blade if they are turned over. These amazing robot lawn mowers made available on the market, life will be a lot easier. Indeed, the robotics technology is at hand.
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