Refurbished, Repurposed, Reborn

Posted on 26/07/2010 by carlos-31 in Robotics Projects & Kits

RobotGrrl Refurbished Technobot

RobotGrrl has been busy refurbishing an old robot of hers. It is not the first time that her Technorobot has changed jobs: it has been an emotional line follower prototype, a snowplow, and now it became an XBee messenger robot.

Refurbishing it was OK, it only took 4 hours. The only thing that was drastically broken was the drive axle. To fix it, I used some Lego axles. 

The robot now uses an Arduino, and is powered off of USB. The motor is driven with the Adafruit Motor Shield (I plan to add more motors to the robot someday). The motor is powered from an Adafruit mintyboost.

- Erin

The HD time-lapse below shows her progress:

Via RoboGrrl

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